Three ways to give support this year: Pray for me and those I meet; invite me to speak to your small group/committee; offer financial gifts.

For those willing to offer financial gifts, thank you. Consider making a one-time gift or an installment to make this year of service possible. Volunteers are asked to partially cover program costs by raising $4,000. (It costs $22,000 to run the site in total.) This goes toward travel, stipends, health insurance, student loan grants, and food allowance.


To give online, please visit my fundraising page (link below):

IMPORTANT: At the bottom of the second page, after entering your payment information, there is a box labeled “Comments/Instructions/Name of local congregation.” For your gift to count, you must write ‘CARSON’ in this section.


If you can, however, please mail a check. This helps avoid some of the processing costs of online giving. Please make checks payable to the Presbytery of NYC. Write “CARSON SMITH + YAV” in the memo section. You can mail checks to the address below.

                    Presbytery of NYC
                    attn: James Tse